How to Properly Store Your Cannabis

February 08, 2021

While aging and drying of your precious bud is inevitable there are steps you can take to keep it as fresh as possible!

From the moment the plant is cut it starts evaporating moisture. The part of the plant containing oils will dry up losing its potency and strength. Cannabinoids such as THC will begin to break down. This process doesn’t happen very quickly but is noticeable within a couple weeks. As THC breaks down it doesn’t just disappear, its converted to CBN. This Cannabinoid has minor psychoactive properties and doesn’t get you high on its own. This conversion occurs when bud is exposed to oxygen, heat and UV light. Lost THC is not the only consequence of aging. Over time Terpenes will dry out making the weed taste and feel much harsher while smoking.

Many factors affect the aging process of weed. Humidity is key, if your storage method allows too much moisture, you run the risk of mold growing on the bud. If not humid enough, Terpenes and Cannabinoids will dry out.

High temperatures can increase the effects of degradation to your bud. Weed should not be stores in a temperature higher than 25C. Any temperature from 25-30C is prime for mildew and mold growth and should be avoided at all costs. UV light should also be accounted for! The UV can help speed the process of loss of cannabinoids.

A common effective method of storing weed to keep it fresh is the use of glass or ceramic containers. Considering the amount of damage outside air can do to your bud, an airtight container is recommended. Not just any container is effective, plastic materials can actually increase ageing processes so try not to us your average household Tupperware to store your bud. Vacuum sealed bags are also extremely effective as ALL excess air is forced out.

Even the use of a small humidity control pack can be quite useful. Select a pack that maintains 58%-62% humidity. This can be added to your mason jar or container for a more effective storage.

Try to keep it dark! Opaque containers are the most effective, blacking out your jars will ensure the freshness of your bud. In combination with this, try to keep the room not too hot. Like said before anything above 25 degrees is not good. Room temperature or slightly cooler can really help keep your bud fresh!

Frozen Weed?

Many people think that keeping weed frozen will destroy your weed! The only way freezing will damage it is if it is not vacuum sealed. Freezer burn can occur if measures to seal your weed are not taken before it is frozen. Aside from this, bud can be stored in a freezer effectively for 1-2 years. One precaution to take is to avoid touching the buds after taking it out of the freezer. Frozen trichomes which contain almost all resin of the plant can quickly fall off. Allow your bud to thaw out naturally before you touch or begin to use it!